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Yes! You can have wellbeing, a career, and a personal life.

Learn the fastest way to achieve work-life balance with a neuroscience based system so that you can start living a life well lived!

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The Debunking Work Life Balance VIP Program Is Limited To 20 Women. 
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You Know You NEED Work-Life Balance!  

But you have no idea how to get started and you feel overwhelmed even by the idea of slowing down so you can speed up!

  • ​You're life tends to be chaotic, with numerous competing demands in all areas of your life
  • ​You're trying to be everything to everyone in your multiple roles which leaves you feeling exhausted
  • ​​You're overextended which frequently results in nothing that is truly important getting done

It's beyond frustrating! 

You're smart. 

You're talented. 

You know you need to learn to say no but it just doesn't seem possible with so many people counting on you.

  • Have clarity to make decisions with ease all while getting better results in all areas of your life 
  • ​Enjoy life fully, being fully present in the moment 
  • ​Be clear on you priorities so you can focus on what matters most to you
  • ​Feel confident, happy, and fully aligned in your personal life and professional life
  • ​Experience abundant energy with optimal well-being to live a life well lived
It's ALL possible, with my Debunking Work Life VIP Program. I’ll show you how. 

Hi there... 
I am Liz Nutter

A wife, mother, career woman, Army veteran, and Certified Neurocoach 
who helps other working women debunk work-life balance so that they can 
focus on what matters most 
without feeling like they have to be everything to everyone

In 2012 I was right where I had planned to a career I loved, married to a man that I loved. I was juggling all the roles. Everything seemed perfect to the outside world, but deep down, there was a part of me that was not happy...even though I had achieved everything that I had sought out to achieve! I kept telling my self "I'll be happy when…." So I kept pushing to achieve more and more, hoping that one day I would find happiness.  

So in 2013, I decided enough was enough, and I started to "look for answers." I spent $25,000 looking for the one thing that might help me happy. I worked with some of Tony Robbins and Brendan Burchard's Life Coaches. I enrolled in Chalelen Johnson Smart Success, Brendan Burchard's High-Performance Academy, Mary Morrisey's Dream Builder, Brave Thinking Master's Programs, and Tony Robbins Unleash the Power Within. Not to mention the countless books and podcasts that I listened to as well. While these gave me valuable tips and tricks along my journey, they did not help me find lasting happiness. 

It was not until 2019, when I started working with Dr. Shannon Irvine, that I learned why I was unhappy... it was my mindset. My subconscious limiting beliefs were holding me back from feeling happy. Once I had my mindset right, I quickly applied all of the tips and tricks I had learned, and work-life integration began to happen with ease. 

I spent over 12 months working with Dr. Shannon and became a Certified Neurocoach to learn how to help other women experience the same transformation that I had undergone. 

During my Neurocoaching Certification, I developed the Triple-C Formula. This formula is designed to help career women debunk work-life balance so they can start living a happy, fully integrated, conscious life worth living now.  
A unique neuroscience-based program that leverages the 
Triple C Formula 
to help career women quickly achieve Work-Life Balance so they can start living a conscious fully integrated life! 
Here is what you can expect when you join the 

Debunking Work Life Balance VIP Program

  • ​A simple step-by-step formula to guide you through the key ingredients of work-life balance so you can create your own custom work-life balance blueprint.
  • ​12 group neurocoaching transformation calls to help you reprogram your subconscious limiting beliefs using the Neuroachievement Model which is based on neuroscience principles.
  • ​Gain confidence and clarity around what matters most to you so you can make conscious decisions with ease all while achieving better results and focusing on what matters most to you. 
  • Support from a community of motivated career women all taking action to free themselves of their subconscious limiting beliefs so you can live a life worth living now.
"Things which matter MOST must never be at the mercy of things that matter LEAST.” 
~Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

Transform your life from Subconscious Chaos 
to Conscious & Calm

Gain Confidence and Clarity to Make Decisions with Ease so You Can Focus on What Matters Most to YOU!

00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds
Here a breakdown of what you will learn in the Debunking Work Life Balance VIP Program: 

Module ONE: Core

In the CORE Component of the Triple-C Formula you will discover WHO you are at your CORE:

  • You will uncover WHO you are at a conscious and subconscious level 
  • ​Defining WHO you are provides the foundation for living a conscious life by design
  • ​Understanding WHO you are brings insight and confidence while allows you to make decisions with ease so you can focus on what matters most to you

Module Two: Compass

In the COMPASS Component of the Triple-C Formula you will discover WHAT you need to focus on: 

  • You will create your roadmap for work-life balance so you know WHAT to focus on 
  • Defining WHAT gives your life meaning and a purpose is essential to living a fully integrated life
  • ​Understanding WHAT to focus on allows you to make better decisions so you can start focusing on what matters most to you

Module Three: Choice

In this CHOICE of the Triple-C Formula you will discover HOW to live consciously: 

  • You will learn HOW to debunk work-life balance so you can live a life you love that is well lived 
  • ​Defining HOW to take daily action steps that ensure your living a life that is fully aligned with your desires 
  • ​Understanding HOW to navigate work-life balance as a career woman allows you to achieve better results so you have more time to focus on what matters most to you

Join a community of like minded women who are committed to Debunking Work-Life Balance for good using the Triple-C Formula!

PLUS, Receive these

Exclusive Enrollment Bonuses

​Video recordings, with accompanying workbook, packed with proven, brain-based strategies to accelerate your productivity. 
Start neuro-hacking your subconscious limiting beliefs with this powerful Debunking Work-Life Balance VIP audio brain prime.
24 experts share their work-life balance tips and tricks in this epic Masterclass series. On demand Audio & Video recordings, with an accompanying workbook and free gifts.  


Choose Your Investment Option Below to Begin! 


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PLUS, Pay in Full Today and Unlock an Additional Bonus

60 Minute 1:1 Roadmap call with Liz 

  • This one on one coaching call with Liz with give you the boost and clarity that you need to get started now.
  • ​We’ll assess where you are now and identify what you really want in the next 6 months. 
  • ​We’ll discuss a plan of action that you can take now to move you in the direction of a more fulfilling and thriving life.
  • ​You’ll have great clarity around where to start, where you want to go and what’s blocking your way to getting there by the end of this one on one. 

Total Value of the Pay In Full Bonus is $250

Frequently Asked Questions...

I am short on time, will I be able to make it though this program? 
The Debunking Work-Life Balance VIP Program was designed for the busy working career woman who is juggling many competing roles. As a certified Neurocoach, Liz designed the program to keep your brain out of overwhelm and to help get you into action with small weekly trainings (each less than 30 minutes) with accompanying small actions steps.   
We can't control time, we can only control our decisions. Only you can decide if you want to invest the time to move yourself out of the chaos that the Type-E Woman faces feeling overextended and exhausted from trying to be everything to everyone one.  The time you invest in yourself durring this 6-month program will  provide you will all of the necessary skills you need to fully transform into a Type-C Woman...a woman who is calm, confident and clear and living her life consciously by design. How you choose to spend you time (your life) is ultimately up to you! 
This feels like a lot of money for an online coaching program.  I am not sure how I am going to afford it. Can you help me figure it out? 
The goal of the Debunking Work-Life Balance VIP Program experience is to offer you a step-by-step brain-based systems to you can achieve work-life balance quickly.  

Naturally people ask why it isn’t free — it isn’t free because people need to have something at stake or they won’t take the actions steps that are required to achieve a full transformation. If you don’t take action, you won’t get results. And I want you to get great results! In addition, I only want women to enroll who are truly motivated to change their lives to participate. This is an investment in yourself and the investment ensures that the women participating are really ready and willing to make changes. 

If you really can’t afford to join The Debunking Work-Life Balance VIP Program right now, I still want to support you in your Debunking Work-Life Balance Journey.  So please consider signing up for the free tip of the week. It isn’t a structured coaching course, but many working women are finding the tips inspiring and helpful, especially when used in conjunction with Debunking Work-Life Balance Private Facebook Community.
What if it does not work? 
The Debunking Work-Life Balance VIP Program is based on neuroscience and provides you with the step-by-step structure and support you need to help you fully transform into a Type-C Woman. Left to our own devices, most people start with the best intentions and then hit a snag and either get derailed completely or delayed for a long time. This program is uniquely designed to leverage neuroscience to help you quickly bust through your limiting subconscious beliefs and inevitable roadblocks in life to live your life consciously so you can make decisions with ease while getting better results and having more time to focus on what matters most to you. 

Also, Liz offers a 6-month no-risk, full money back guarantee. To request consideration for the guarantee, clients are required to complete the all of the modules in the Debunking Work-Life Balance VIP Program, attend the group neurocoaching transformation calls (or watch the replays), and submit all action steps for the 14 Triple-C Formula ingredients. 
I have a questions that I did not see listed. Can you help? 
If you have future questions please don't hesitate to email Liz at

It's Decision Time!

You can keep struggling and stay stuck unaware of the subconscious limiting beliefs that are driving 80%-90% of you daily decisions...
You can uncover your limiting beliefs and reprogram them using the Triple-C Formula to master work-life balance so you can finally live a life that that you love living now!

Join the 
Debunking Work Life Balance VIP Program

Dear Type-E Working Woman, 

I know exactly how it feels to be struggling with trying to keep up with the multiple competing personal and professional roles.   

See, in 2013, I was a Type-E Woman. I was excelling in my professional life and was happy in my personal life, but... I was overextended, exhausted, and trying to be everything to everyone. I was reaching burnout around 10 years into my successful military career. So I went to my mentors for guidance and they told me I needed to “slow down!”

The problem was no one could show me or teach me how to slow down. So I set out on a mission to find out how to slow down so that I could strike a balance between my personal life and professional life.

This mission turned into an 8-year journey, and I am proud to share that I am now a Type-C Woman... I am calm, confident, and clear. I am concisely living a life I love by my design.  The Triple-C Formula has all of the ingredients necessary to achieve work-life balance so you can start living your life fully integrated as a Type-C woman.   

I would be honored to be your coach and help you discover the Type-C woman that is waiting to be discovered. 

All the best, 

Liz Nutter

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